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Its always fun to try out new games and activities, such as the newly popular glow sticks games that people are creating for their parties. After all if we didnít have so much fun trying out these new ideas then the Funky Chicken Dance never would have gotten off of the ground.

Some of the more popular games that are being created with glow sticks are the adaptation of outdoor sports for nighttime play. Youíll find a wide range of glow sticks products that have been developed for night time golf, glow-in-the-dark Frisbee and even Hide-and-go-Seek.

The supplies needed for night golfing are similar to day golf and its fun once you get used to the dark. Many glow sticks manufacturers sell golf balls that light up via a mini light and battery inside. Also you will need some sort of glowing marker for the holes and everyone will need to wear glow sticks or glow necklaces and bracelets to keep track of each other.

Glowing Frisbees have been around for awhile and a game of night time Frisbee can be lots of fun. You can also play Frisbee golf if you live near a park that has the facilities. Supplies will be similar to that of night golf.

All you really need for night time Hide-and-go-Seek is a set of glow sticks or necklaces for the players. You can find a glow sticks product for just about any outdoors game you can think up. There are even glowing beach balls.

A word of safety though, when playing any of these glow-in-the-dark or night time games its best to keep a couple of outdoor light on. Even if you just set up garlands of outdoor lantern lights for decoration it will aid the guests in seeing where they are going. Many an accident can be avoided with a little night light or two. Party games for a glow stick party could beónot only fun--but very creative and even artistic in content. Aside from waving these sticks around to create colorful waves in the air above them, guests could be challenged to create full-fledged neon sculptures and art pieces using glow sticks. Party Supplies to match your theme party.

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